I grew up traveling with my parents, always on the road for a long weekend ski trip, Winter breaks in Florida or family trips to Jamaica and Australia. I come from a family of travelers, having relatives live in Egypt, Turkey, Africa, Australia, Malaysia, and so on. I remember as a young girl always looking at photos my relatives would show me upon returning from a recent adventure. I suppose that’s where it all started.

In 2012 I graduated from Carleton University, Ottawa, with a Bachelors of Social Work specializing in abused and neglected women and children. I’d spent my university career interning, then hired as an Assistant Outreach Worker at a Women’s Shelter in Ottawa. I spent many days listening to the stories of immigrants and refugees fleeing from unimaginable circumstances from their home country. The life choices and sacrifices they would have had to make in order for them to be sitting in front of me, I was in ‘awe’ trying to grasp an understanding of their previous life.

After University I backpacked Europe with two of my best friends, which was my first big trip overseas. Two months, 19 cities and 15 countries later I was in love with the lifestyle and travel. The smells, the tastes, the sight of something new and different every single day with the unknown always peering over us. The people we met, local and fellow travelers just like us. It was exhilarating. I also happen to be a history buff so Europe to me was a gold mine. Once being back in Canada, trying to ‘fit in’ with the societal stigmas of getting a good job, buying a house, getting married and having 2.2 children just wasn’t working. I was constantly restless and began getting panic attacks at the thought of not being able to move to Australia, which had always been my dream.

Two years later, an opening arose where I was coming to the end of a job contract, no apartment lease, and enough money to get me started…so I bought a one-way ticket to Sydney, Australia. I had no idea what would happen or where I’d end up, perhaps back in Canada a month later broke but I needed to give it a shot. I ended up spending two full years in Australia,¬†which I will forever be grateful for as it has changed my life and mentality dramatically for the better.¬†Since leaving Australia I have spent roughly 8 months in South-East Asia and 2 months in South America.

I have now traveled parts of Canada, United States, Cuba, Jamaica, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia. I am currently residing home in Canada. Stay tuned for my next adventures to share with you!